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The Trip


The trip starts off with an amazing 1-4hr houseboat ride, to a beach of your choice. This is a great time to relax, mix a drink, put on your favorite tunes, and maybe even light up the BBQ. Once we arrive on the beach, secure the houseboat, and show you the ropes, you're on your own to enjoy your vacation! If you need anything during your stay, or would like a change of scenery, or a cruise, that can all be arranged for a small service fee.When the trip is over and it's time to go home, there will be another 1-4hr houseboat ride back to the docks.




Planning the ultimate family vacation? Having a Bachelor or Bachelorette party? Just wanna get together with your best pals?

Lake Life Houseboats is the answer!

Boat & Rates


The houseboat is a 44ft Three Buoys Suncrusier, it sleeps 10 people. There are different rates depending on length of your stay.




Located on Beautiful Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Minutes from Kenora, off Clearwater Bay, in Kendalls Inlet.

The Houseboat

The Houseboat


Weekly Rental

7 Days & 7 Nights


Long Weekend Rental

3 Days & 3 Nights


Weekend Rental

3 Days & 3 Nights

Friday to Monday

Mid Week Rental

4 Days & 4 Nights

Monday to Friday



 - Tax is Extra (13% in Ontario)
- Extra Boat cruise, (4 hours)
- Check-in is at 4:00pm Check-out is at 12:00pm
- Gasoline is extra ($150 on average)
- A full day of fishing comes with a shorelunch


  • Extra Boat Cruise               $450

  • Supply Run           $195/per hour

  • Houseboat Relocation       $250

  • 1 Day Fishing                       $550

  • 1/2 Day fishing                     $300



  • Bedding / Pillows

  • Towels /  Hand Towels

  • Cooking Supplies

  • Cutlery

  • BBQ

  • Gas Stove

  • Propane

  • Jumbo Cooler

  • Life Jackets

What to Bring

  • Food

  • Drinking Water

  • Adult Beverages

  • Games

  • Floaties / Tubes / Toys

You are welcome to bring your own boat, canoe, or kayak!



Q. Do I need a boaters license?

A. Lake of the Woods is over 110 km long and wide, and contains more than 14,552 islands and 105,000 km of shoreline. So for your safety and comfort, we will take you were you want to go!

Q. Is our captain going to cramp our style?

A. Heck No! Lake Life is our name, Lake Life is our game. We are relaxed, open minded, and full of information to help you make the best of your trip!

Q. Is our Captain going to be with us the whole time?

A. No, we take you to the location of your choice, show you the ropes then we take off and you're on your own to enjoy your vacation. When it's time to go home we will be back to drive you home! (On average about 6-8 hrs total)

Q. Can I drive the boat?

A. Well that's tricky question! Yes but, the first trip will be supervised by the Captain, if he is satisfied with your knowledge of the lake and how you operate the boat, future trips can be rented without a Captain!

About Us

About Us

Hello! We're Lake Life Houseboats. And guess what!? We love the lake!!

Lake Life Houseboats is a family owned business. We love lake life so much, we feel it's our duty to share it with the world! Our team is comprised of, Brock Bargen - Captain, Ana Bargen - Director of first impressions, Aria and Liliana Bargen (4Years old and 2years old) Cheerleaders, and Jamie Brown - Captain/Fishing Guide. Our mission is to provide you with Lake Life memories that last a life time!

Contact Us

Contact Us

We're ready to help you experience lake life

When inquiring about rentals provide dates and rental package you are interested in.

Lake Life Houseboats


12e Kendall Inlet Road

Clearwater Bay, On P0X 1S0

Tel: 1(431)338-BOAT (2628)

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